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Kausani “Switzerland of India”

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Kausani “Switzerland of India

Kausani “Switzerland of India:”Kausani is a beautiful village located in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand which falls within the Garur tehsil. This village is famous in the country and abroad for its beauty, due to which it is also called Switzerland of India.

It is a small village situated on the Pinglani Mountain peak from where you can easily see the grandeur of the Nanda Devi Peak range. Kausani is situated between the Kosi River and the Gomti River and is the main tourist destination  for natural and religious tourists. Kausani is situated at a height of 6,075 feet above sea level, which is also the birthplace of the great Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant Ji.

A museum has also been established in the name of Sumitranandan Pant, A short distance from the Kausani bus station. Earlier this place was the home of Sumitranandan Pant, which was later given the form of a museum, in which the books associated with him and the memories associated with them are stored.

The same is also famous for the Kausani tea gardens. The tea produced here is world-famous, which is known as Giriraj Uttaranchal Tea. The plantation is spread over 208 hectares. The tea here is exported to countries like America, Germany, Korea, and the same kind of fruits like Apricot, Pulum, and Peach are also produced in large quantities.

Mahatma Gandhi compared it to Switzerland during his visit here and called it the Switzerland of India. He liked this place so much that he stayed here and also composed his book Anashakti Yog. He stayed here for a full 12 days. From here you can also see the spectacular view of the sunrise. Kausani is also famous for its temples. Rudrdhari Mahadev Temple, Kot Bhramari Temple, Baijnath Temple, Pingnath Temple, etc. are among the major temples here.

4 Best Things to do in Kausani

History of Almora

Kausani is such a beautiful place, attracted by its beauty, tourists come from all over the country and abroad to roam here. There are many things that you can do during a Kausani tour. Here you can mainly enjoy Rappelling and Cycling apart from Trekking, Camping, Nature Walks, and Shopping. In the same villages present here, you also get a chance to know about the culture here.

1-      Trekking in Kausani:

Kausani is the first choice of trekkers keen on trekking. There are many such tracks here that have been attracting tourists for centuries. From Kausani, you can visit Pindari Glacier, Adi Kailash Mountain, Sundar dhunga Glacier, Kafni Glacier, and Pinnath Track from where you can see Nandakot, Trishul, Nanda Devi, and other Himalayan peaks.

During these tracks, you get a chance to know about the village and its culture here. Kausani is also an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife lovers. Here, seeing the rare species of animals present in the far-spread herbs and forests, they can take pictures of them in the camera.

2-      Nature Walk in Kausani:

During the Kausani excursion, you can enjoy the beautiful weather of the cedar and oak in the dense forests and tea gardens. Kausani is also the starting route to travel on many tracks. From these tracks, you can see the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, spanning almost 300 km.

The calm season here is no less than a paradise for those who like yoga. Tourists get different pleasure in coming here and roaming here due to its calm climate. Seeing this beauty here, Kausani was named as Switzerland of India by the national father Mahatma Gandhi.

3-      Shopping in Kausani

Like almost every hill station, Mall Road in Kausani is also located here where you can enjoy shopping. Here the demand for local front around Kausani is more and tourists also prefer to take the goods with them here only.

Here you can take with you mainly hot clothes, shawls, jackets, juices made from fresh fruits and sorbet, pickles and the best type of tea grown here. The shawls made in Kausani’s shawl factory will be available to you in very good variety and at very economical prices.

4-      Adventurous Activity in Kausani:

You can also enjoy many entertainment and adventure things while visiting Kausani. Among the adventurous activities here, trekking, wall climbing, Zip lining, Rippling, Gorbing, Trampoline and Camping are many such things that you can enjoy during the Kausani excursion.

Rock climbing here gives you a chance to see your inner energy level as well. People who like cycling can also enjoy cycling between the high mountains here. Kausani can also be a favorite place for trekking and camping. Here the trackers can see nature up close by putting their tents etc. among the grasslands and long slopes stretched here.

5 Best Tourist places of Kausani

Kausani “Switzerland of India”

Major tourist places of Kausani are Anashakti Ashram, Laxmi Ashram, Kot Brahmari, Tea Garden, Pindari Glacier, Pinakeshwar, Someshwar, Rudradhari Waterfall, etc.

1Anashakti Ashram: Anashakti Ashram is one of the major tourist places of Kausani. It is also known as Gandhi Ashram. According to the information, Mahatma Gandhi stayed for two weeks around 1929 during his stay here.

He wrote his book Anashakti Yoga during his stay here. Now, items related to Mahatma Gandhi have been kept on one side of the museum built in this ashram.

2- Rudrdhari Falls: Rudradhari Falls is one of the most beautiful places here. This place is situated amidst dense cedar trees, according to the same legend, this place was the abode of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. This waterfall falls from a considerable height. Trekking enthusiasts can easily reach here by 12 km track from Kausani.

3- Kausani Tea Estate: Kausani’s tea garden is one of the major tourist places here. Travelers visiting Kausani must see the beauty of the tea gardens here. The tea here has a wonderful smell, due to which the tea here is exported to countries like America, France, Korea, and Europe.

4- Baijnath Temple: Baijnath Temple is one of the main attractions near Kausani, which is one of the major places of Kumaon religiously. This place is full of many temples and religious places. The famous temple of Uttarakhand here is the Baijnath temple, which is counted among the main shrines here.

Earlier this place used to be the capital of the Katyuri dynasty, Baijnath temple was built around the 12th century, which is one of the major tourist places here.

5- Pinakeshwar Temple: Pinakeshwar is a major picnic spot where travelers can reach by trekking. The site is located 20 km from Kausani. This place is full of lush green trees and greenery; people here like to go on a picnic with their family.

Temperature of Kausani

Kausani “Switzerland of India”

1- Kausani weather during SummerKausani season during summer: Summer is the best time to visit Kausani. During this time, the weather here is pleasant. During this time, you can see the Himalayan mountain range. The summer starts here usually from March which lasts till the middle of June. During this time, the temperature here is up to a maximum of 25 degrees.

2- Kausani weather during winterIn Kausani, the cold starts usually from October which lasts till the middle of March. During this time, the temperature here is up to a maximum of 15 degrees and the minimum temperature goes below 0 degrees. During this time there is also a large amount of snowfall in Kausani, which is enjoyed by a large number of tourists.

3- Kausani weather during monsoonIn Kausani, the onset of monsoon usually starts from the end of June and lasts till August. During this time, the temperature here is the maximum up to 15 degrees and the minimum temperature is up to 5 degrees. During the monsoon, there is also a lot of rain here. Due to excess rain, the roads here become slippery and landslides also occur due to which tourists are advised not to come here at the time of monsoon

What to eat in Kausani

Tourist Places near Almora

During Kausani Yatra, tourists like local food there more. Potato Gutka, Cannabis Chutney, Jhingora Kheer, Raita, Madve Ki Roti, Sasun ka Saag, Kapa and the famous sweets of this place are preferred by tourists, which are easily available anywhere. Apart from all these, Indian, Chinese and Thai food is also easily available here.

However, all kinds of restaurants, etc. are also available in Kausani where you can enjoy the food of your choice. The main restaurants here include Yogi Restaurant, Garden Restaurant, Valley Restaurant, Hotel Pine Valley Restaurant, etc. Here are the famous restaurants where you can have your choice of food while traveling to Kausani.

10 Best Hotels and Restaurants in Kausani

Kausani is one of the main places in Uttarakhand for tourism, dense cedar and rhododendron forests around here and the weather has always attracted tourists.

There are many good and convenient hotel lodges and homestays that you can easily find in the range of 1,000 to 20,000, where the tourist can stop during the Kausani excursion. The main hotels here are –

(Hotels and Resorts in Kausani)-

1-      Hotel Krishna Mount View

2-      The Heritage Resort

3-      Hotel Suman Royal Resort

4-      Nature’s Valley Resort

5-      Alia Resort

6-      Hotel Sun n Snow Inn

7-      Kausani Best Inn Hotel

8-      Shubham Home Stay

9-      Hotel Kausani Retreat

10-    Chevron Eco Lodge

How to reach Kausani

“Binsar Wildlife Century and Hill Station”

How to reach Kausani by Bus:

Kausani is well connected by road to most parts of the country. Uttarakhand Transport buses are regularly operated from Dehradun to Dehradun, the capital of the country, New Delhi, and Uttarakhand capital Dehradun to Kausani.

There are two routes from New Delhi to Kausani, whose total distance from Kausani is 433 km and Kausani to Delhi Distance. Kausani is 375 km from Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand (Kausani to Dehradun Distance). You can also reach Kausani easily by your vehicle.

To stay here, you will easily find good and medium level hotels, but during the summer season and holidays, the hotels here are full. Because of which you should book the hotel in advance.

How to reach Kausani by Train:

The nearest railway station to reach Kausani is Kathgodam. The distance from Kathgodam to Kausani (Distance from Kathgodam to Kausani) is 132 km. Private vehicles will be easily available from outside Kathgodam station and if you want to come to Kausani by bus, then you should get down at Haldwani before Kathgodam.

Here, the bus from Uttarakhand Roadways to Kausani will be easily available from Haldwani Bus Station. To stay here, you will easily find good and medium level hotels, but during the summer season and holidays, the hotels here are full, due to which you should book the hotel in advance.

How to reach Kausani by Air:

The nearest airport to Kausani is Nearest Airport to Kausani from where passengers can easily reach it by bus or taxi. The distance from Pantnagar to Kausani is about 162 km (Pantnagar to Kausani Distance).

You can reach Kausani easily by your private vehicle. The same taxi will be easily available for you to visit local places here. To stay here, you will easily find good and medium level hotels, but during the summer season and holidays, the hotels here are full, due to which you should book the hotel in advance.

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