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Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati Valley

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Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati Valley

Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati Valley

Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati ValleyKheerganga trek is one of the beautiful treks of Himachal which is famous all over the world due to its huge mountains, hot water reservoir and its fresh climate. This trek is located in Parvati valley and you can reach it by trekking 10 km from Kasol to reach here.

Here people have arranged tents for the tourists to live their daily routines, in which tourists can come and stay, which keeps the expenses of those people running.

This trek is surrounded by greenery and snow-capped mountains, due to which it remains cool, even in summer. The temperature here is between 10 degrees to 20 degrees even in summer, due to which tourists need hot clothes even in summer.

Kheer Ganga is situated at an altitude of 3,978 meters above sea level i.e. 13,051 feet. This place is famous all over the world for many reasons. According to ancient belief, the river of Kheer used to flow at this place due to the divine vision of Lord Shiva, later, due to the greed of the people, the crowd started growing here, due to which Parshuram was cursed by him, since then the river of Kheer should stop coming here. But now things like cream of milk can be seen from this place.

Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati Valley

According to another mythological statement, Kartikey, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati stayed at this place and prayed and meditated at this place for many years. This entire trek is about 26 km which can be completed easily in 2 days. People of any age can easily go on this trek and for first-time trekkers; this trek is the most ideal trek. This entire trek is covered with snow during the winter, due to which it is difficult for the trekkers to visit here. 

This trek is located in the district Kullu and starts a village named Bersheni in Kullu. Well, there are three other ways to go on this trek. Trekkers can choose their path by themselves.

Of these three paths, one is the Naktan root, the other is the Kalga root and the third is the root of Tosh  village- Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati Valley

1- Naktan Root: This route is the most popular route of Kheer Ganga; most people use this route to reach Kheerganga. By this route, the trekkers can reach Kheerganga first. It takes about 4 hours to get to this trek. On reaching Barshaini village, you have to go from the bridge towards Naktan village. Going on this route, you get to see the Parvati River as well as the huge mountains with beautiful green valleys.

2- Kalga Root: To go on this path you have to go directly from the bridge of Bersheni village towards the hand i.e. Kalga village. This trek is considered to be relatively difficult of other treks, hence the guide must be taken with you while going on this trek, and otherwise there is a fear of forgetting the path. On this trek, you have to go through dense forests.

3- Tosh Village: This is another route to Kheerganga which goes through Tosh village. Tosh Kheerganga is a small village situated in the middle of the trek where you can also take a night’s rest. To stay here, you will get a homestay, whose fare is also up to 200 or 300 only. On visiting this route, you can also see the beauty of the Tosh River closely. The Tosh River goes further and joins the Parvati River at Pulga.

Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati Valley

Things to carry to Kheerganga Trek-

While going on the Kheerganga trek, it is necessary to take caution with yourself and also carry with you the things you need for daily use. Along with this, you should also take first aid things and medicines for the treatment of headaches, pat bad, and other diseases for minor physical problems so that they can be used at the time of need.

The weather there varies from hour to hour, due to which the cold is also more there. For this reason, you need raincoats, full sleeves, thin jackets, monkey caps, trekking shoes, warm socks, mufflers, towels, good quality sunglasses, cold cream, lip balm, Sunscreen lotion, LED flashlight, to protect you from Cold and Rain. Hot Water Bottles, Trekking Poles, Headache Medicines such as Crocin, Disprin, Cotton, Band-Aid, Move Spray, Gauze, Crap Bandage, etc. are things that you should keep with you on the trek. You may need them anytime on your way to the trek. You should also drink plenty of water 2 or 3 days before going on the trek so that you can avoid Dehydration.

Itinerary to Kheer Ganga Trek-

Day 1: Manali to Kasol to Bersheni

Day 2: Bersheni to Kheerganga (10 km) to Manali

How to go Kheer Ganga Trek-

Day 1: This trek takes about 2 days to come and go as it is not very long. On the first day, you have to go from Bhuntar to Bersheni village via Manali, Manikaran, and Kasol. You can rest at night here. Here you will also get the facility of guest house and homestay. That is why your food is also arranged by paying very little money.

Day 2: Your second day starts in the village of Bersheni. The trek on this day is about 10 km, which takes 7 to 8 hours to go, there are three ways to get on this trek. The first goes from Bersheni village, the second through Tosh village, and the third through Kalga village.

Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati Valley - When to go Kheer Ganga Trek

The best season to visit the Kheerganga trek is from April to October, after which there is a risk of slipping on the trek due to the rainy season. The weather here is mostly clear from April to October, due to which you can enjoy nature here.

Kheer Ganga Trek of Parvati Valley

How to go to Kheer Ganga Trek by Bus, Train or by Air-

How to go to Kheer Ganga by Air: The nearest airport to visit Kheerganga treks is Bhuntar which is 52 km from Manali. From New Delhi and Chandigarh, you will get easy air connectivity to Bhuntar of Kullu, from Bhuntar Airport, there is a frequent government bus to Manali, and private taxis will also be available outside the airport for 24 hours. You can easily reach Bersheni or Kasol by taking a bus or taxi from here. Private taxis charge a maximum fare of 1,000 rupees to 1,500 rupees to take you to Manali.

How to go to Kheer Ganga by Bus: The nearest bus station to Kheer Ganga Treks is Manali which is easily connected to most parts of the country. The distance from Delhi to Manali is about 550 km. Bus service from Delhi to Bersheni or Kasol will be available at all times.

You can easily reach Manali from Chandigarh as well. The distance from Chandigarh to Manali is 310 km where it takes about 8 hours to reach you. From Manali, you can easily reach Kasol or Bersheni village by bus or your vehicle or roadways.

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